Join My Team!!!

My wife recently drew a diagram on a napkin of what it means to work with me. She indicated the Starting Point at the bottom of the paper and the Goal at the top. She then proceeded to draw a crazy zig-zag line to the Goal. It was haphazard and painful to view. She then stated that it represents people trying to build a business. It represented all the misguided, failed attempts and wasted energy. She then drew a straight line to the Goal and said that this is what I teach people to do. It's learning to ignore the noise.

We have all heard the expression, "Success leaves clues". When people ask me what I did to replace my income and start my own business, I always say that I and others have left bread crumbs for them to follow. What is unique about network marketing is that YOU must be successful for me to be successful. It is a true symbiotic relationship. That fact gets lost in all the bad press. We NEED you to succeed, so we mentor you to excel.

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