Little Green Reminder

Ok, so it’s been a long time since I posted a blog on my website. Actually, it’s been almost a full year. It’s been an amazing year and perhaps that is why I’ve been so reticent.

I turned 50!!! I hit the rank of Diamond in doTERRA and got to walk with my daughter at the fancy Gala dinner in Salt Lake City, UT that recognizes Diamonds and above. It was a beautiful experience that I got to share with my daughter. For those that don’t know. My wife was not able to go, so surprised me by flying my daughter in from CA.

So that’s the surface. That’s the Facebook photo showing the world that everything is perfect and that our lives are better than yours sort of thing. I’m hoping that you realize that there is a surface and then there is the real shit going on underneath. The stuff that nobody likes to post on social media.

Recently, I was walking at the track, trying to work off those donuts that I love so much. It’s November and everything is dying off and settling in for the long winter’s sleep. As I walked I noticed this little patch of green, surrounded by a sea of gray. I actually stopped and stared at it for a few moments. I then continued walking. I knew that on the next pass I had to take a photo. It called to me. It reminded me of something really important. The universe was speaking to me. The message was clear.

Let’s go back to the beginning of the year. I was stuck at the rank of Platinum and really wanted to hit Diamond. I realized that if I wanted more, I had to become more. So, I invested in some coaching programs, including a mindfulness teacher training program. I was working three programs at the same time. May 2018 was going to be the month I hit Diamond. It was the month I was to turn 50 and it all just aligned perfectly.

The last weekend of April I was ready to go. I communicated with my team and had everything lined up and ready to go. I felt unstoppable. My wife made me a dinner on that Sunday night and at the end of the dinner told me that she wanted a divorce…

…We have previously talked about getting divorced, but decided that we wanted to stay together and work it out. However, we only did the staying together part and neglected the more important ‘working it out’ part…

…I understood and agreed that we have issues that need to be addressed. However, I then told her that my goal at the moment is to hit Diamond and I asked if we could put the divorce discussion on the shelf for the moment. She agreed and I put that all aside and hyper focused on hitting Diamond.

It was a rough road of managing my emotions and still showing up and accomplishing my goals. Life is never going to be perfect and there is always shit going on that needs to be sorted. However, we need to learn to continue on our path, while dealing with all that life has to offer us. Mindfulness was key for me this past year. You must know that previously to this moment in my life, I would have just stopped, given up and hidden away from the world. That was the old version of me that I had to let go of and move on from if I wanted to reach the goals that I have set for myself. It was incredibly difficult. But I put my head down and remained focused on the prize. I had to do what I have never done before. I had to do and be MORE. Fuck the excuses!!!

So let’s go back to my little green patch in the sea of gray. Everyone else is dying off and going to sleep. It’s what you are supposed to do this time of year. Everyone is doing it!!! I related to that little patch of green. It reminded me of how I feel sometimes. When the majority is saying one thing, but you know that if you want what you want, you have to go in this direction and do this or that. Do what others are not willing to do. Do what others tell themselves that they can’t do. Don’t have time to do. Don’t have the money to do. It won’t work. Nobody is interested. The excuses are endless. They take comfort in the majority. See, everyone is saying it.

So ask yourself if you want the cold, empty, bitterness of the majority. Those that blame everyone else for their lot in life. Refuse to take responsibility that they have the power to change at any moment.

Or, do you want to be the little green patch of life that sticks its middle finger up and says screw you and your bullshit rules. This is my life and I am going for it. For when you do, you will find others that are on the same path and the universe opens up endless possibilities.

We all have the capacity to do and be more. The choice is ours and sometimes the road can be cold and lonely. But I promise you that the end results feel so good. You will feel alive again. Not just existing, but fully living and thriving.

And you will be happy to learn that wifey and I are both now heavily invested in personal development and gratitude. When you focus on keeping your side of the street sorted, everything else falls into place. It all starts and ends with you.

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