Protect Your Heart...

I recently had an experience that effected me more than it should have. I was left feeling shaken and really wanted to understand why. So, I started to explore my feelings and looked at me and my decisions that may have left me vulnerable.

Meditation is a big part of my life. After the introspection above, I realized that I spend a great deal of time meditating on my heart chakra. This leaves me feeling very open and loving. I tend to be very connected and know things are going to happen before they do. However, after my above experience, I discovered that I was sort of floating out there and not grounded. Unfortunately, we live in a world where you must be grounded and protected. It’s about balance. I was out of balance in a big way.

So, I spent a few days working with my root chakra. I discovered that Melissa oil is used to activate an underactive root chakra. At the same time I used Melaleuca to cleanse my overactive heart chakra. I also started to root myself before I begin each meditation practice. I was left feeling stronger and unshakable.

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We are very sensitive creatures and need to take careful practice at keeping ourselves balanced.

(Photo Credit: Natalie Collins @missnjc)

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