Healthcare Costs - A Reality Check

I am recently back from the annual doTERRA Convention in Salt Lake City, UT. In case you don’t know, doTERRA is the world leader in essential oils and brings their products to market through a direct selling system. Similar to Avon, MaryKay, etc. 

They are the fastest growing company in the network marketing space, mostly due to the quality and efficacy of their essential oils. 

Their corporate office is located in Orem, UT and employs around 900 people. The employees of course are educated on the products and encouraged to use them at work and at home. 

doTERRA decided to commission a study on companies of similar size and demographic. They wanted to look at the health care costs and how they might be effected by the widespread use of essential oils by their employees. 

Something amazing was discovered. 

Annual Healthcare Cost Per Employee

National Average: $13,488.00

doTERRA:                $6,604.00


National Average: $2,430.00

doTERRA:                $618.00


National Average: $8,598.00

doTERRA:                $3,982.00

Healthcare spending in the United States has skyrocketed over the past several years. 

Employers need to start taking a proactive step in helping their employees live a healthier lifestyle. This is not only the right thing to do, it's also the smart, bottom line thing to do. 

Take a page out of doTERRA's playbook and start lowering your healthcare costs today. 

About Todd Hart: 

Todd travels the country educating people on the adoption and use of essential oils. He is available for lunchtime workshops for your employees. He can also help you plan an EO health plan for your business. Please reach out to learn more. E-mail: 

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