Zest for Life

I spent all of last week at doTERRA’s annual convention in Salt Lake City, UT. It’s one of my favorite times of the year. This year was absolutely the best one ever. Incredible new oils and research released. 

The day I arrived I joined some friends at one of my favorite restaurants in the city. I was tired from the long flight and from getting up early. The food just didn’t taste the same. I was disappointed. 

Convention week is always crazy with very long days. As a leader, I get to get in the venue before others and so I get together with other leaders on my team and save seats for our team. This year we have a lot of people and it was like a military operation to pull off each day. However, it makes the experience an enjoyable one. Especially if it is someones first time at convention. They feel loved and supported. My first year at convention I was alone and was invited into the team culture and had an amazing experience that I want to pass down to my team. 

We decided to have lunch again at my favorite place and had a large party. Everyone was there except for one person. They refused to sit us until all arrived, even though we would have the same table regardless. So I was thrown from the moment I walked in. Then we were told that they had limited the menu and that they were adding a surcharge during Convention week. Again, the food just didn’t taste the same. 

Final day of convention and the final performance comes on. A singer walks out and sings ‘Rise Up’. On all the big screens they are showing video clips of various wellness advocates. 

Quick background is in order. Before convention begin I was walking around and noticed large photos on the side of buildings of various wellness advocates. The day before it started I was hanging out with some of my team. A young lady approached and asked me if I have seen the large banners hanging around the area. She then asked if I would be interested in doing a photo shoot and maybe getting selected for next year. I said of course. She was looking for more men so I grabbed Josiah, a Platinum leader on my team. I yelled for him and told him to come with me. He had no idea what he was volunteering for. We went into a dark room where they had a still photography and video area. We signed some paper and then sat for a few photos and a quick video clip. Then we left and forget about it. 

During convention our photos kept appearing before it started, during lunch, etc. It was awesome and the team and our friends loved it. 

So ‘Rise Up’ is being performed. This is one of my favorite songs. When it started I got very emotional. It was the end of convention and an amazing week. I looked down for a moment and was talking to God, the Universe, whatever your belief. I discovered that I want to always be a heart lead leader. That is where I am comfortable. Leading from the heart. I guess I was asking God for confirmation. I then looked up and there I was on the screen. Even better, Josiah had appeared right before me. Out of 30,000+ people, we were chosen and ended up back to back. It just felt like the Universe was telling me I am in the right place, with the right people and coming from the right place. I was filled with incredible joy and love. And I got very choked up. Our team cheered and loved it. It was a beautiful experience and perfect way to end the week. 

Most of my team was leaving on that last day and I was really tired and just wanted to spend some time alone. I was flying high. I had such love and appreciation in my heart. I decided to go back one more time and try my favorite restaurant. I dined alone. The owner waved to me and then came over and chatted with me for about 20 minutes. The food was delicious and the experience was amazing. A few friends popped over to the table for a final hug and wishes for safe travels back home. I realized that my being in this loving place completely changed my experience. The world was different. I decided then and there to always remain in this heart centered place and have a zest for life.

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