Rose Pedals

Today I want to discuss ‘Mindset’. I’ll start by sharing a quick story that will clearly indicate which mindset I operate under. 

I have a man town in my home. It’s all mine and no one really goes down there but me. I have an old red leather couch that is very comfortable. It’s definitely worn in. One day my daughter came down and asked what all the red things were on the floor. I looked at them and told her that they are rose pedals. She started laughing and asked if I was serious. I then looked down and repeated that I think that they are flower pedals. So she stooped to pick one up and proceeded to show me that it was actually pieces of the leather couch flaking off. We both started laughing. She then asked me who I thought came down and sprinkled rose pedals on the floor. It never occurred to me to look too deeply into the who/what/why of the situation. Rose petals just felt better. 

Fast forward a few months and my daughter and I are walking down Abbott Kinney in Venice, CA. There is what appears to be an art gallery with rock and roll photos and memorabilia. I walk in, say hello to the man at the front and start walking around the “gallery”. I notice green M&Ms and beer bottles on the floor. I’m thinking it’s part of the display and do my best to avoid stepping on them. My daughter yells over that she doesn't think that I can be walking around the gallery. Then she starts conversing with the young gentleman at the front and calls me over to hear what he is saying. It’s the hotel Sunset Marquis that has rented out the space and hangs pictures of artists that stayed at the hotel over the years. It’s an interactive exhibit and they want you to get in it and take photos and then #SunsetMarquis it. It’s a brilliant marketing campaign!!! As we started to play around, others started coming in and playing around and having a blast doing it. I wonder how many people walked by and never knew what was going on inside and missed all the fun? If I didn’t have the mindset that I do, I would have missed out too. 

How do you look at the world? Is it scary? Is it fun? 

Albert Einstein once was quoted as saying, “The most important question you can ever ask is if the world is a friendly place.”. He expounded on it and I am taking a bit of spiritual license on the meaning of his words. 

We really do attract what we look for. You see it. There are just some people that never have a good day and everything goes wrong. Then there are others that are just in awe at the magnificence of their lives. 

For me, I’ll stick to my rose pedals and enjoy the heck out of my journey.

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