Why I Welcome a Class Action Lawsuit

I was actually happy to learn of a potential class action lawsuit within the essential oil world. Please see for specific information. 

As I travel and educate, I hear horror stories of people that have purchased from other companies, hoping to save themselves some money, only to be extremely disappointed that they didn’t get the results that they were hoping for. Just this morning a fellow educator with doTERRA posted that her young daughter used an oil from another company, thinking that ALL essential oils are safe. She ended up with 2nd degree burns on her face. This is a serious issue. Unfortunately, there are people in this world that see the incredible demand for essential oils and decide to take advantage of that need by selling fake oils and charging less money than others that are selling the real thing. People are getting hurt and others are giving up on the healing benefits of EOs because the fake oil that they purchased, failed to provide them the healing as expected. THIS is why I tirelessly work to educate people. Essential Oils ended years of suffering for me and I am living proof of their incredible healing properties. 

Yes, doTERRA is listed on that website. Does it surprise me? No. They are the largest EO company in the world and they have a large target on their back from everyone looking to make a quick buck. What is so fortuitous about this happening now, is that doTERRA just won the frivolous lawsuit that was brought on by Young Living. Read the most recent press release from doTERRA that details the vindication: doTERRA has NOTHING to hide and will come out of this stronger than when it all started. 

My predication? The world will learn who the REAL essential oil companies are and the bad guys will ALL get exposed. This is a good thing for the essential oil industry. 

I say bring it on!!! The world needs the education.

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