Give Peace a Chance

Are you breathing? If you are, I bet it is very shallow breaths. 

Our world is in a crazy place at the moment. There is incredible hatred bubbling up and spilling into our civil society. There is great unease in our country and in the world in general. 

We still have to remember to take care our ourselves and be there for our family. Especially if you have young children, counting on you to be the grounding force in their life. 

If you can, take a moment and close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Take in deep breaths. Fill your belly first and then let it expand into your lungs. Try to do this a few times per day. If you can only sneak it in during bathroom breaks, then so be it. 

Walking and other forms of exercise are amazing for reducing stress in the mind and body. Don’t have time? Make the time. Your life depends on it. Start healthy habits, like parking your car the furthest away from the grocery store or mall. You could use the extra walking. Take the stairs. Take the stairs! TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

Meditate…take up yoga. No one is good at yoga at first. It is a practice. 

Diffuse and apply topically, essential oils. The Peace blend is a must have blend. Simply roll onto your wrists, rub together and inhale the peaceful goodness. Use this for when there is simply no time for anything else and you need the peace now. 

If you are completely stressed out, you are no good to yourself, family, friends, work, the world. 

Please take proactive steps to keep yourself grounded and centered. I can no longer imagine my life without my essential oils. I would never give up how great I feel. 

What are you doing today to destress?

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