Allowing Atlas

I had a thought the other day. When I was a child, growing up in Warwick, RI, there was a statue of Atlas holding up the world. The statue was in the local mall parking lot and was there for as long as I can remember during my childhood. It was bigger than life and I was always attracted to it and emotionally moved by it. 

One day, years ago, it disappeared and I haven’t thought about it in a very long time. 

So there I was thinking of this statue that I hadn’t seen in years. What happened to it? Why did they remove it? I felt the emotions that I had felt as a child upon seeing it. I smiled and then forgot about it. 

The very next day, I had a doctor’s appointment. He was in a new location and I hadn’t yet been to his new office. It was in the same area as the old mall. So I was running late and driving around the parking lot looking for the doctor’s office. As I was driving, something caught my eye. At least that’s the memory I tell myself. There was an area with a large dumpster in the back of the mall. So I drove in and there it was. Sitting against the wall, surrounded by a bunch of junk. It looks like it has been sitting there, exposed to the elements for ever. I said aloud to myself, “Are you kidding me!”. The concept of intention and co-creating came to me and I just laughed. It has to be 20 years since I’ve seen this statue. It might even be 30!!! Yet I had the thought just yesterday and today I’m standing here looking at the statue. 

I got back in my car, didn’t take a photo and went to my doctor appointment. (Note: I went back later to take a photo with my daughter. She pointed out that there is no way that I could have seen the statue when driving by.) 

I continued to think about this statue and knew that there was a lesson to be learned. I went back and thought about the entire situation and then it occurred to me what it was. 

You have the Art of Intention, the Art of Co-Creating and the Art of Allowing. The last one is key. It’s also the one that most of us struggle with and fail at miserably. Let’s review what happened. I thought about the statue and had very strong emotions arise. I wondered what happened to it and where it was. I really wanted to know. Then, the key to it all. I forgot about it. I didn’t spend the rest of the day worried that I’d never find out or see it again. I just moved on. I let it go. Not a single thought. 

That’s the key!!! 

Think about your own experience with setting an intention and co-creating something into your life. What happens after you set the intention? I bet you then worry about it and doubt it will come true. So you’ve raised your vibration to match that which you seek to attract and all is good. Then you lower your vibration by worrying about the outcome and in turn no longer resonate with the higher vibration of what you desire. 

Essentially we screw ourselves. 

The Art of Allowing is not easy. We have years of negativity baked into us. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to let go. It starts with learning to control your thoughts. Or at least your relationship with your thoughts. Your thoughts are a river that will never stop running. However, you can climb out of that river and sit along the banks and observe the flowing stream. Separate and removed. That’s step one. 

Step two is to stop making certain things a much bigger deal than other things. The universe doesn’t care if it’s a statue you want to see or a new car in your driveway. Universally, it’s all the same. It’s us that gives more weight and worry to certain things. Thus lowering our vibration and…well you know the rest. 

So for today, set it and forget it. But do listen to the universal promptings that you will receive. Like my being lead down that trash alley that then lead to my seeing the statue. No, it wasn’t possible for me to see the statue from just driving by, but somehow I thought I saw it and drove  down the alley. I listened. And now I am listening to the lesson as well.

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