Forget About the Planet...

My daughter and I sometimes sit in wonder at why some people don’t seem to care about the planet. How could they not be concerned? What are we missing? If the planet goes, so do we!!! How is that not concerning?!?!

Then one day something occurred to me. As I travel the country I come across many people. I see them making choices that could be classified as, “Bad” for their health. Smoking, drinking to excess, carrying around some extra weight that is not good for their longevity, etc. Let’s be honest, the list could go on and on. 

So I started asking a more immediate question. Why don’t people care about their own health? There is ZERO disputing the negatives of not living a healthy lifestyle. Democrats and Republicans are not fighting over whether obesity is a public health crisis. One isn’t standing up and claiming the science to be “FAKE". We have the knowledge and refreshingly it is agreed upon by all. Unless the Woody Allen classic, ‘Sleeper’ ends up coming true, where everything bad is actually good for us. That was set in the year 2173, so we still have time. (Insert smile emoticon)

So, if you really want to save the planet, you need to focus your efforts on humanity. For once you have them all wanting to be here, then we have a real shot at saving the planet. 

Far too many people feel hopeless and despondent. Perhaps life has been cruel and their will to live has dimmed.

What can we do? Perhaps offer someone a smile or a hello when you pass them on the street. Stop and hold the door open for the person behind you. Hold the elevator. Trust me, it feels really good and actually ends up healing you as well. I LOVE to pay for the person behind me when I stop for coffee. Imagine starting your morning with a free coffee from a stranger? How would that make you feel? Whenever I greet someone, I will give them a hug. Hug them like you mean it. Let it show that you care about them. Nothing beats a great hug. Give people a reason to have hope. Hope is a seed for something more in the future. You want to foster that idea. 

There are even essential oils that can be used to help someone shed their past misery and come into their true being, maybe even finding their life’s purpose. Melissa is one such essential oil. It is a very rare oil and has amazing healing properties. Simple put your finger on the bottle top, tip the bottle and then rub your finger over your heart. Put your nose under your shirt and inhale the aroma. You can even put a drop of Melissa on your thumb and press onto the roof (soft palate) of your mouth. Hold for a moment and then let it penetrate before you drink some water. 

Another powerful essential oil is Clary Sage. Put a drop on your forehead. In Chakra’s terms, your third eye or brow chakra. It can help clear out the BS and open you up to new beliefs and possibilities. 

And finally I would recommend Frankincense. I’m going to ask you to sit quietly with this oil. What feels right to you? Perhaps put a drop in your hands, rub together and inhale? Maybe a drop under your tongue? I want you to tap into your intuition and learn to regain your connection and trust in it. You can’t go wrong with Frankincense

Save humanity and you end up saving yourself. The planet is a happy byproduct of all the love. 

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