Essential Oils for Anxious Feelings?

As I travel and teach workshops across the country, the number one issue that people ask about is helping to reduce anxious feelings. I can only assume that this will continue to get worse as technology continues to pervade our every waking hour. 

I see young people getting upset when a friend doesn’t IMMEDIATELY return their message. They are ALWAYS on!!! Just writing that is stressful. 

I personally tried the iWatch and was stressed out at all the notifications that I was getting in the course of the day. After a few weeks I started to get ghost vibrations on my wrist. I knew then that it was time to leave it on my nightstand. I now find it less stressful to designate times during the day to check my messages. Otherwise, I would never be productive. My phone just buzzed as I wrote that last line. I’m ignoring until I finish this blog. It’s ok. You can do this as well. Unless you are Batman and it’s the Commissioner calling, then PLEASE pick up. 

In addition to limiting your phone usage, you can also incorporate meditation or mindfulness into your day. I personally meditate several times a day. It can be as easy as closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. Make sure that you are filling your belly first. If you are not, you are probably shallow breathing. Which means that you are breathing from your chest. Try filling from the belly. You can also use the head back life hack. Stand up and tilt your head back. You immediately take a deep breath and relax. Designate moments during the day when you take a moment to meditate. I like to stand after turning the shower off and focus my attention to my heart chakra. I also like to meditate before going to sleep each evening. Create a routine, so that you remember to do it. It doesn’t have to be fancy with all kinds of fanfare. It is a moment where you are focusing on you. Going inward. Besides relaxation, there are other benefits that I will let you discover on your own. 

Ok, what about oils Oil Guy? I know, I am getting there. 

As you all know I am a part of doTERRA and will always speak about their oils and blends. There is simply too much information now available on why doTERRA. I won’t address that here. 

One of my favorite single oils is Basil. Basil is fantastic for when you are fatigued or overwhelmed. It is also for the weary that want to give up. You can diffuse or apply a drop on the bottom of each foot. One of my favorite blends is AromaTouch, which contains Basil. I was introduced to this blend when I was staying with friends in Hawaii. They were diffusing in my bedroom and it was a welcome, refreshing and rejuvenating aroma. I fell in LOVE and now add to my diffuser all the time. If diffusing either of the above, add Bergamot. Bergamot is like a hug from a friend, telling you that everything is going to be ok. 

Being present is the key to a happy, healthy life. Sometimes we all need a little grounding and that is the final blend I’ll recommend. Balance is a mix of oils that will reach up from the earth and hold onto you and ground you. It is the first oil I apply to my feet when I arise each morning. I always recommend this blend to anyone that is struggling. 

Let this be a starting point. There are many other oils that can be used, but you need to start somewhere. I don’t want to further overwhelm with too much information. This is your step one. Give them an honest try and I promise you that you will feel better and your life will feel renewed.

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