Listen to your body.

When I first tasted kombucha I hated it. I wanted to like it. Everyone seemed to be enjoying it. I kept hearing how great it is for our gut health, but yet I just didn't like the experience.  So I tried it again when offered a glass at a raw food restaurant in Providence, RI. Sadly, the restaurant is no longer open. It was just a test kitchen concept. However, I really liked the kombucha!!! WooHoo!!! Or so I thought. (Read on).

I began to incorporate kombucha into my morning routine. I would only have a few sips, nothing crazy. Everything seemed fine. 

A quick background is in order here. I hadn’t been ill or suffered from seasonal threats for over three years. My health was spot on. I felt fantastic!!! 

I noticed around the holiday season in 2016 that I was developing a cough. It wasn’t too bad and I used my essential oils to treat it. However, over the next few months I started to notice that it was getting worse. It was so bad that I ended up popping into a health clinic in Long Beach, CA before hopping on a plane to Kauai, HI. They gave me an inhaler, which I was VERY reluctant to use. They also gave me some cough medicine with Codeine to help me sleep at night. Ok, so I used the cough syrup. I had to sleep and didn’t want to spend my nights coughing. 

So there I was in Hanalei Bay, swimming in the ocean and trying to take in all the magnificent splendor. I just kept coughing. As the spring season approached, I started to get the runny nose, sneezing, etc. I hadn’t had this in three years!!! What the heck was going on?!?!

Side note: I suffered from seasonal threats my entire life. It was the inclusion of Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender essential oils into my daily routine back in September 2013 that stopped them completely. So when they returned after all that time, I knew something was amiss. 

Upon my return home I went to my family doctor, who happened to be on holiday. I was given another inhaler and told to start using it ASAP. So I did. I couldn’t deal with the coughing any longer and nothing else was working. It helped a little bit, but the cough remained. 

Finally my wife asked me if I introduced something new into my diet in the last few months. I love my routines, especially with my diet. So, it was easy to pinpoint the one thing that I had introduced. 

I immediately went to google and typed in, ‘kombucha a’ and ‘kombucha allergies’ automatically filled in as soon as I typed the letter ‘a’. I read story after story about how bad this is for our health and that it can cause severe respiratory issues and mucus buildup. There are many other issues that it can cause, but these jumped off the page at me. So I immediately stopped drinking it. Two weeks later I have no more cough and zero runny nose, mucus, etc. It's now been multiple weeks and I'm back to my normal, vibrant health. 

During my travels around the country I have been hearing many people complain that they have never suffered with seasonal threats as bad as they have this year. Now I wonder if they also drink kombucha? 

I write this in case someone out there is suffering from something unusual and can’t figure out what the heck is going on. Perhaps try going without kombucha and see what happens. 

Todd Hart

The Oil Guy


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