ALL MLMs are bad!!! - Bullshit!!!

When I was in college, working at a convenience store for extra money, I was first introduced to network marketing. A regular customer of the store started talking to me about it and I was intrigued. So I purchased the starter kit and was filled with dreams of riches. However, once I received the product and started using it, I was very disappointed. The product sucked. So ended my venture into mlm. 

Many years later I was introduced to a technology company that had some very cutting edge communication tools. They decided to come to market through a direct selling model. I joined and quickly became the number one enroller in the company. I was invited to speak at their convention in Utah. I enjoyed speaking on stage and still remember the excitement of speaking in front of a few thousand people. However, I didn’t enjoy the vibe. It felt creepy to me. So, I decided to not continue and months later it all came to an end. 

Then there was the time I did Insanity with a friend. We completed it together and then decided to do the T25 program. We became coaches with Beachbody and gathered our friends and all got in the best shape of our lives. I didn’t vibe with doing that for a living, I like donuts too much. LOL. So the thought of doing it as a business never really crossed my mind. However, I do have many friends that are extremely successful with their Beachbody business. 

Then along came doTERRA. My wife met a woman at a raw food course. They became close over the course of the week and when she E-mailed my wife the next week, my wife forwarded the E-mail to me. I was intrigued. I knew nothing about essential oils. But I was attracted to diffusing them and I was impressed with the description of their vitamins. So I called the woman and gave her my credit card. She mentioned that doTERRA is an mlm. I may have said that I don’t like mlms or the people. I had ZERO interest in doing the business. 

At this time in my life I was working for a British software company and had been there for 15 years. I was very comfortable in my career. I was also dealing with some health issues that plagued me for almost 10 years. Long story short, the essential oils helped me deal with ALL the health issues. I was blown away! I HAD to tell other people about doTERRA. So, I started to hold workshops at yoga studios. Over the course of two years, I built up a team of 1200 people in 6 countries. In January 2016 I reached the level of Platinum. The average yearly income for that rank at the time was $125,000.00. Not too bad for a part-time hobby. The amazing thing wasn’t the money, it was all the people that I was able to help. The stories are endless and many will leave you in tears. I was making a difference in the lives of so many people. This was so rewarding to me and I felt like I was doing what I always longed for -  I was home! So in January 2016 I gave my notice. I was walking away from a very comfortable 17 year career and venturing into a business that I had zero experience in. I was terrified, but confident in the experience that I and others were having. As I approach the two year mark of going full-time, I find myself feeling incredibly grateful and reflective. I was terrified to walk away from a guaranteed paycheck. I left a company that was very solid and had been for over 20 years. The really cool thing that recently happened is that my annual sales surpassed the annual sales of that software company. What took them over 20 years, took me less than 2 full-time years. I felt really good about that. 

There are many network marketing companies out there that formed solely to make money. Their products were an after-thought. However, some of them talk a good game. What I love about doTERRA is that we never really talk about the business at our classes. It is focussed on educating people on essential oils and how to incorporate them into their lives. Most people come back with an experience that moved them and now they want to share with others. I’ve been to mlm events and have heard people from other companies talk about ‘Opportunity Meetings’. They discussed how to get people to show up and listen to your pitch. I found myself thankful that I found a company that has products people want and need and where I don’t have to trick anyone into doing something that I don’t believe in. 

If I let my past mlm experience taint my view, I would still be working for someone else and dealing with medical issues that had me in bed 2-3 days a week. I’m glad I kept an open mind. 

I’m also thankful that I have introduced doTERRA to so many people. There are now many people on my team who are also now doing this full-time. That to me is incredible!

So in conclusion, I just want to recommend that you always keep an open mind. Don’t let a negative experience that you had or someone that you know had, taint what could be the universe handing you the life of your dreams on a silver platter. 

Don’t get me wrong. It is a business. You need to show up and push through personal limitations that may have been holding you back your entire life. But if you embrace it and commit to it, you will be writing a blog just like this in a few years.

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