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I recently read the quote, "We're all just walking each other home", by Rumi and was profoundly touched to my core. That is now my mantra for all that I do. It applies to all of the roles that I serve each day. From husband, to father, to entrepreneur. Life is a journey that we embark upon not alone, but accompanied by so many other beautiful souls. Each who have their own unique story to tell. I love how our lives interconnect and weave in and out at various times. 

I feel like all that I have been through and learned has prepared me for the path that I now find myself on. I truly love the journey itself and stay mindful of the here and now. There is great power when you are present. I apply mindfulness to all the areas of my life. When you are quiet and aware, you will more clearly hear or feel the promptings. Whether you believe it is God, the Universe, your gut, it does not matter. What is important is the awareness. I believe firmly in the power of that and encourage everyone to trust in it fully.

As I look back on my introduction to doTERRA...

I always considered it a fluke. An accidental coming together. However, upon reflection, a few months prior to it coming into my life, I asked the Universe for something very specific. I was not happy in the corporate world. I made a great deal of money and for the most part had a stress free career. However, I was not happy. I was not fulfilled. I felt a calling to do something more with my life. So, I prayed, meditated and basically put out there that I wanted something else. I knew that I wanted to help people and that it involved something health related. I then forgot about it.

For several years I had suffered with some health concerns. The traditional way was not working for me. My wife Melanie was at a Raw Food certification class and met Hayley Hobson. They were both there taking the week long course together. Hayley spoke to Melanie about the essential oils and my wife mentioned to me that I would probably find them interesting. Upon her return home, Melanie forwarded me an E-mail from Hayley and wrote, "You are into this weird stuff. Maybe you should take a look at it". Little did I know that one single E-mail could be so life changing.

I had ZERO interest in doing network marketing. I was only interested in trying the oils and the vitamins. I wasn't happy with the supplements I had been taking and wanted something better.

doTERRA, simply put, changed my entire health. I was blown away. I HAD to share this with others. So, over the course of two years, working very part-time, I built up a team of 1200 people in six countries. In January 2016 I hit the rank of Platinum. That rank averaged an annual income at the time of $125,000.00. What was most impactful to me were all the people that I was helping along the way. Lives were being touched. Somewhere during this two year period I remembered what I had asked for and realized that I had found it! I was ecstatic! 

So in January 2016, I left an almost 20 year career in the software industry to embark on my new path as The Oil Guy. I NEVER once regretted my decision and love my new life. Not only am I helping people live a more healthy lifestyle, but I am helping people build their own business and achieve their dreams. I have the best life!!!

In 2018 I hit the rank of Diamond!!! I'm now assisting others on my team reach their goals and together we are changing the world, one drop at a time.

Join us. 

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