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Welcome to the home of The Oil Guy. This is the direct result of someone sharing doTERRA essential oils with another person. My life was forever changed and I had to share with others in return.

You have probably seen "essential oils" at retailers or online.  I put the words in quotation marks because what you have seen up to now is most likely a synthetic fragrance. They were offering you a bowl of Fruit Loops. I'm now going to give you a bowl of fresh fruit. The difference just may forever change your life.

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Ready for work/life balance change?

If you are like me, you have spent your entire life working for others, always thinking that you could do it better. doTERRA allowed me to build a massive, sustainable business, while still working my full-time job. It allowed me to grow into an entrepreneur and learn along the way. It replaced my income and allowed me the time freedom to live my life on my terms. It felt so good when I was able to walk away from the corporate world and not have to worry about my income. It is truly special that I now get to coach others to do exactly the same thing.

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